Does healthy fast food really exist?

As a single, working mom of two active kids, I realize that getting meals on-the-go is sometimes a necessity. I prepare almost all of our food at home, knowing that most fast food is nothing but processed, chemicalized, non-nutritious, food-like substances, chock full of saturated fat and sodium. I plan ahead for our busy days and have an arsenal of easy recipes I can pull off quickly. But once in a while, even with my best intentions, the system breaks down....or I break down....or both. And that drive thru window rises up like an oasis in the desert.

So the question then becomes: What is the lesser of the evils presented on this menu before me?

One might think a salad would be a healthy alternative, right? Not necessarily...... I was appalled to learn that the new McDonalds caesar salad has more fat, calories and sodium than a DOUBLE BIG MAC!
Let me say here that no matter how desperate I get, I NEVER eat at McDonalds. And if you've seen the documentary Super Size Me, you won't either.

But, let me get back on track.....Chick-fil-A has recently added a Superfood Side Salad to its menu. Made up of chopped broccolini, kale, dried sour cherries and roasted nuts and topped with a maple vinaigrette, this salad is low in calories and sodium and contains almost no saturated fat. I did, however, take note that the large salad contains 16 grams of sugar (that's equal to about 4 teaspoons) and the dressing contains some undesirable additives, flavorings and fillers.

You can view the full nutrition profile here:

Chick-fil-A Small Superfood Side
Chick-fil-A Large Superfood Side

It's certainly not perfect, but, as fast food goes, it's not too darn bad. It tastes delicious and kale and broccoli both pack a good nutritional punch. Pair it with some grilled chicken nuggets and you've got a decent fast food meal.

Pay attention to what is in the food you're eating. I know it's a jungle out there. I'm here to help in any way I can. Good luck!


aka, Lean Green Girl