5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Tailgate....Guilt Free!

Fall is in the air and, living in the South, fall is synonymous with college football! And who doesn’t love a good tailgate before the big game? Unfortunately for our health, that usually means a full day of grazing on unhealthy carbs and empty calories. Not to mention consuming waaaay to many refreshing beverages (wink, wink).

 Since giving up the tailgate is not an option (hey, our teams need us!), I’ve put together a few tips so you can still enjoy the day without totally derailing your healthy goals.

1.    Drink LOTS of water.

Aim for one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. You’ll stay hydrated, drink more slowly, and take in fewer calories. Plus, you’ll feel more full so you’ll eat less.

2.    Eat a salad before you go.

It will curb your hunger so you don’t go straight for the cheese dip and hot dogs, plus you’ll be sure to get a couple of servings of veggies in for the day.

3.    Fix a plate instead of grazing.

That way you can see how much you’re actually eating. It’s just too easy to overdo it if you stand over the chip and dip bowl.

4.    Fill half your plate with veggies.

And how do you make sure there are veggies at the tailgate? You bring the veggie tray! Go ahead and indulge on some pizza or burgers….in moderation. If you fill half your plate and stomach with veggies, you’re way less likely to go overboard.

5.    If you overdo it, get back on track the next day.

So you didn’t take my advice in numbers 1-4. Trust me, it happens to the best of us! Don’t let it cause you to scrap your whole healthy living plan. Getting healthy is not “all or nothing.” It’s a journey with lots of ups and downs. Refocus on your plan and your goals and keep moving forward.

Happy, healthy tailgating…..and GO VOLS!


(a.k.a. Lean Green Girl)