Get What You Want in the New Year

Happy New Year!
Creating a New Year’s ritual for yourself can be a powerful tool for releasing the past and clarifying your focus for the future so you can manifest what you want to bring into your life. So clear some uninterrupted quiet time for yourself, set the mood by lighting a candle or playing soft music, and make yourself comfortable…….
Start by making a list of what you are grateful for. Your wins, successes and blessings from the past year. Recall events that happened, people you met, places you visited, lessons you learned, accomplishments, funny moments and so on. Notice how you have grown and express gratitude.
On a separate piece of paper, write down what you wish to release in this new year. Behavior, beliefs or habits that you’d like to leave behind. Fear, shame, regret, not feeling good enough, being obsessed with an ex, bad eating habits, overuse of a substance, limiting beliefs, repetitive/ disruptive thoughts, overuse of social media, consistent self-scrutiny, and so on. We all have our regrets and learning experiences, yet a lot of us tend to cling to them much longer than we need to.
On New Year’s Eve, burn this piece of paper, saying a prayer of gratitude for the past year and declare that you will let go of these things that no longer serve you.
Finally, create list of anything and everything you want to co-create/manifest into your life in the coming year. Be specific, be creative and think big. Don’t worry about being greedy! The Universe loves to be generous!!! Important: write everything in present tense in the “I am” and use verbs to enthusiastically express what you want. For instance, “I am joyfully and easily securing a new job that is professionally fulfilling and offers me the opportunity to do what I love.”
You have the power to create the life you want!
Put this list somewhere where you can see it often and treat it as sacred. Feel free to change and add things along the way. Throughout the year, observe with gratitude as things in your life begin to manifest. Celebrate and don’t beat yourself up or get discouraged over what is not happening. Focusing more on what is abundant in our lives ALREADY is the best way to generate more abundance. And remember that sometimes our time-line and the Universe’s time-line may be different.
Put special focus on the first 12 days. The first 12 days of the year represent the whole year (January 1 stands for the month of January, January 2 for February, and so on). By giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each of these 12 days, you will consecrate the entire coming year.
Resolve to live your life in line with what you truly want to manifest. Rid yourself of any emotional, mental, physical, or interpersonal clutter so that you can get out of your own way. It takes action as well as thought and belief to manifest your dreams, so resolve this year to take steps to truly LIVE your best life.

I would love to hear what your plans are for becoming the best version of yourself. Email me at or you can post a comment below.

Wishing you joy and abundant health in the New Year!